New Beginnings Christian Camp
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A Day At Camp

Here are the highlights of our Day at Camp. These are things your camper can expect to experience each day.

Bible Class

Classes focus on specific topics related to the overall camp theme for the year. Campers attend two classes each morning that make life application of the day’s topic using fun activities. Classes are broken down by grade and lessons are tailored to each specific age group.


Mid-morning, we come together for Chapel where we sing, and have additional opportunity to apply the day’s lessons heard in classes.

Fun Time with Counselors

Time is set aside each day for campers to spend time with their cabin-mates and counselors getting to know one another and playing games and other activities as a small group.

Team Building Activities

These are games that teach campers of all ages to cooperate on a team together. We are continually amazed at what our youngest campers can do and just as pleased to watch the older campers take on leadership roles, and responsibility for helping their younger teammates.

Swim Time

Everyone loves swim time, and at New Beginnings they get lots of it! Each group gets 2 opportunities for water play. Camp Akiva has a large zero entry swimming pool and a pond (where we all wear life jackets) with trapeze, zipline, blob and trampoline. Campers are required to pass a swim test to use the apparatus at the pond. Those who do not pass the swim test have an area designated specifically for them where they can continue to enjoy the water (and maybe build a sandcastle).

Wild Thing

We get our wiggles out before dinner and worship with Wild Thing. This is a time where campers get to sing silly, active songs and see their counselors and camp directors be silly, too!

Evening Worship

During this time, we sing songs of praise to God, and worship Him for all the wonderful blessings he provides us in life. Our staff does a wonderful job of using this time as an opportunity for our campers to practice leading the church in music and prayer.

Fun Hour

At night, campers get to share their talents with the rest of the group by singing, playing instruments, telling jokes, performing skits, and more. There is no limit to the creativity of our incredible campers! All of our campers are encouraged to show off their God-given talents. Oh, and the counselors have been known to do a few silly things during fun hour too...